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Terms and Conditions

The website of the POPUP Agency has been established for your personal use and information. Entering this website and using it shall be considered as an acceptance of the terms and conditions as well as a personal approval of the privacy policy which forms a part of the terms and conditions for navigating the web, further it is an approval of all the prevailing laws in the State of Qatar. It goes without saying that using this website is always subject to the service law which coincides with the time of your use. Therefore, if you do not accept these terms and conditions in whole, your entry here is considered illegal and you have to stop immediately.


This website has been prepared in such existing form according to all the permissible limits of the Qatari law, without any guarantees whatsoever and under this approval, the POPUP Agency will not provide any guarantee as to the following:

• Accuracy, correctness, efficiency, inviolability, sustainability or validity.

• All the contents or services available on the website cannot be guaranteed from faults or defects, because neither the site nor the server is immune from viruses or other harmful elements.

• The POPUP Agency bears no legal responsibility for any loss or damage whether direct or indirect arising out of the use of this website and this shall explicitly comprise, but not be limited to, any guarantees of damage or loss arising out of the use of the website.

• It is strictly prohibited to use the website of the POPUP Agency in any way as to send E-mails using its name or on its behalf; or referring to it by using its name or character if that E-mail contains abuse or defamation of the POPUP Agency, the website or any other person. Moreover, it is totally prohibited to broadcast false news or disinformation and attribute such material to the POPUP Agency, such act may entail compensation to the POPUP Agency, its directors, and employees of any damage arising out of the use of the website.

• The website of the POPUP Agency retains full rights to cancel your right of using or parts of it at any time without giving reasons. Furthermore, the website has a right to immediately block you from using the site, if your usage is not acceptable or illegal or violates the terms and conditions. In this case, it is not permissible to use the website at all and the restrictions imposed on you shall continue subject to the service terms and conditions and you acknowledge that the website of the POPUP Agency, bears no responsibility towards you or any third party participant.